Tuina and Chinese Medicine

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Getting the Body Back to Work: Tuina and Chinese Medicine If your body is out of sync with what it is supposed to be doing, it can cause endless amounts of problems.  You may feel tired all of the time, or restless.  For no apparent reason, you may get headaches or feel nauseous during the day.  Beyond this, you can catch the viruses and colds going around all of the time. According to Chinese... [Click here to Read more]

athena acupuncture therapy

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DragNIKla asked: 3 year old with quadriplegic cerebral palsy having acupuncture therapy. She has been receiving acupuncture (acupressure, qigong, tuina, acupuncture needling etc.) for 8 months. She is now more coordinated, and independent, quick to physically respond to multiple choice questions, She can spoon feed herself, is learning to drive a power wheelchair, and to walk with the help of a... [Click here to Read more]