Acupuncture dramatically improves Robin’s back pain and insomnia

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alearner71 asked: Robin tells how acupuncture has dramatically improved her back pain and insomnia.  Read More →

I Love Needles – Crazy Love – Tucson Acupuncture

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juanrtejada asked: explains the fear and phobias of these tiny needles are unfounded. Sherry Tejada, Hypnotherapist and Office Manager at their Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, shows why there is nothing to fear. ” I love needles, or at least what acupuncture does for me! Is this crazy to love something as holistic and drug free like natural medicine?”... [Click here to Read more]

Loss Weight-Chinese Herbal medicine Dr. Tsoi 203-249-0115

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jontsoi asked: *****BUY NOW go to ***** ***** Traditional chinese herbal medicine have been used for over 5000 years to support the body’s natural well being. This approach has been proven safe and effective by millions of people who use it. An extraordinary chinese herbal remedy is used to treat a widening range of ailments, including the common cold,cancer, arthritis,... [Click here to Read more]

PMS Calming Acupuncture Treatment

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CinnabarAcupuncture asked: This treatment gets to the root of PMS symptoms: moodiness, anger, bloating, insomnia, hot flashes, cramps, constipation, etc. Clearing and soothing the Liver energy in the body balances the hormones, relieves irritability and reactivity, and calms the mind. Strengthening the Spleen resolves issues such as bloating, diarrhea, and water retention. Nourishing the Kidneys... [Click here to Read more]