Acupuncture Weight Loss Tips : Acupuncture & Beta-Endorphin Tips

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expertvillage asked: Acupuncture is a great alternative medicine that can help increase beta-endorphins and help you lose weight. Learn tips on how and why this is from an acupuncture expert in this free video clip. Expert: LI Zheng Bio: Li Zheng is a graduate of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She got a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the Medical College of Ohio and was a researcher trained... [Click here to Read more]

Dr Dowe explains Acupressure and Acupuncture for Weight Loss & Addictions

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SpaRenityDaySpa asked: Dr Dowe discusses the auricular points of the ear and how acupressure with ear pellets and acupuncture with needles can help with weight loss and to treat addictions.  Read More →

See an Acupuncture Treatment

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About asked: Acupuncture may sound a bit intimidating at first, but there’s a wide range of benefits associated with acupuncture, and the applications can be a relaxing experience. Learn more as we see a real treatment and meet an acupuncture expert.  Read More →

Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Tui Na Massage

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expertvillage asked: Acupuncturists sometimes use methods without needles, such as tui na massage, to treat patients. Learn more about tui na and acupuncture from our medical expert in this free video. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Contact: Bio: Robert Linde has been practicing tai chi for 13 years. As an acupuncturist and registered herbalist, he’s studied herbs since 1975 and... [Click here to Read more]

INTRO Life’s Essence Acupuncture Massage And More

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santacruzlifeessence asked: Santa Cruz Acupuncture  Read More →

Acupuncture Weight Loss Tips _ Acupuncture & Appetite Control

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londonplumber22 asked: Fertility Acupuncture video collection. More information here  Read More →

Acupuncture Treatment with Qi Gong energy

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drwudhi asked: An acupuncture treatment done on a new patient. Qi Gong energy healing.  Read More →

Acupressure for Fertility Yoga DVD

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FairhavenHealth asked: Acupressure for Fertility is led by Shasta Tierra, a 2nd generation acupuncturist and certified yoga and acupressure instructor. Acupuncture and acupressure have been shown in studies to help improve fertility for trying-to-conceive couples.  Read More →

Laser Acupuncture & Therapy – Devon

RespondSystems86 asked: Featuring Dr. Gary Van Engelenburg  Read More →

The West Meets the East

The West Meets the East: Using Science to Prove Chinese Medicine Even though Chinese medicine has been used as an effective method for over 5,000 years, Western scientific proof continues to debate whether this is a logical method to help with healing.  If you are interested in Chinese medicine, but are not certain of its effectiveness, you can look at the various research studies that have helped... [Click here to Read more]

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