Justin’s HIV Journal: Acupuncture Therapy

jsmithco98 asked:

Justin’s HIV Journal: Acupuncture. There are a lot of things we as HIV positive people have to look out for. But one of our main enemies is Stress. You can take all the medication you want, eat all the good food that nourishes your body, and have all the protected sex anyone can have BUT when your stressed out all of it goes out the window. Please deal with stress different ways, some of us have a nice glass of wine, other might exercise, but I keep myself busy with duties and project that work to better our community whether its leather, gay, straight, black of white; it doesnt matter to me. But sometimes my husband says I do too much and I stretch myself to much. This is true and that my friend, can be stressful as well. In November 2009 I was awarded the Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 title so now I will go onto compete in May for the IML International Mr. Leather title, in Chicago on Memorial Day Weekend. I have to learn my judges, leather history and traditions, and I have to be on point with my answers. Being Mr. Maryland Leather 2010 comes with responsibilities as well. I have to make appearances and have been asked to judge contest too. In my spare time I write for Baltimores Gay Life Newspaper, GBMNews.com, the body.com, The Black AIDS Institute, and Justins HIV Journal. I will also start writing for another publication as well. Im married as most of you know so taking care of him means a lot to me. We are trying to settle on a piece of land in Laurel and building our

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