How to Get rid of menstrual pain therapy acupressure, which acupressure points to stimulate


This is a specially selected group of acupressure points for menstrual pain. For more acupressure points videos visit You should go through the video and stimulate the acupressure points on both sides of the body. How to get rid of menstrual pain video will guide you through the stimulation. Just follow through with the easy steps.


16 Responses to “How to Get rid of menstrual pain therapy acupressure, which acupressure points to stimulate”
  1. L2006L says:

    this works!!
    thank you xxxx

  2. heatherclark39660 says:

    Aww man i dont have an ankle…. i have kankles!

  3. TheElizabethCouto says:

    i love the fact he says ” Rub the stimulated area”
    btw the guys voice is weird…
    BUT i have to admit it works!

  4. Beauty12870 says:

    dear lord. it hurt just watching him push on his stomach.

  5. blackfeminist100 says:

    this is a dude…why would you all use a male for a menstrual cramp (acupressure) demo?

  6. uniquemindable says:

    you actually expect us to press into our bellys were our pain is? wtf…

  7. Swimmerchick3454 says:

    Lol really its a dude atleast make it a freaking woman

  8. misssilly18 says:

    lol so its not jst me that thinks thats rediculous to hav a man to show how to get rid of period pains

  9. 0Blue0Sparkle says:

    How are we supposed to take this seriously if the model for FEMALE menstrual pains is a GUY?

  10. kattt33 says:

    LOOL he has no hair on his body… he was probably mistaken as a woman. 😛

  11. Yogiphildas says:

    it works though… done this and got significant pain relief in minutes… thumbs up!

  12. babyfacedstar says:

    guys don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to menstruating .. just get a girl!!!!

  13. MsDatsaspicymeatball says:

    That is one manly woman

  14. soccermoss says:

    @TheTaintedDeath ya i guess men have periods now too

  15. shirleygchan says:

    yes i agree, it’s very painful, use Anion sanitary napkins to relieve menstral cramps, it really works, many people used this and was relieved. Hope it can help you too. Please contact me at 09175089799 or sun 09324292858. I’m from Dagupan City, Pangasinan.

  16. TheTaintedDeath says:

    Umm… isn’t that a dude?

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