Healing Through Acupuncture Therapy: Free Guide to Alternative Medical Treatment : Types of Acupuncture Needles: Free Online Guide to Alternative Medical Treatment

expertvillage asked:

Learn what types of acupuncture needles are used to relieve pain in this free online video on healing & health through the alternative medical treatment of acupuncture.


16 Responses to “Healing Through Acupuncture Therapy: Free Guide to Alternative Medical Treatment : Types of Acupuncture Needles: Free Online Guide to Alternative Medical Treatment”
  1. reidtruett says:

    No, I cannot see, because you’re idiotic cameraman does not know how to operate the zoom feature.

  2. mskilj says:

    My brother wrote the thing that you are berating him on. He has graduated from Massage therapy class and is going to Acupuncture school now for over a year and will be an MD in Chinese Medicine. Im sure he knows what he is talking about.

  3. joshryker says:

    Pink eye is due to shit in the eye. Not excessive heat. Shit.

  4. slapageXpress says:

    your mom lol

  5. NoPainReally says:

    Have you tried Pain Ease prior to the needle insertion? It works instantly and is ideal for the more sensitive areas, especially around the face. You can dip a Q-tip in the solution and it super-cools the site to interrupt the nerve signal. I hope to have a video showing the technique posted soon.

  6. mskilj says:

    Acupuncture can treat pink eye. Pink eye is due to excessive heat and damp in the body.

  7. slapageXpress says:

    he paralyzes the children with the neddles in a preasure point and rapes them!!!

  8. dmix09 says:

    it is true what you say… but the benefits of acupuncture go well beyond that. i believe there is much much more going on here~

  9. StrayedWayfarer says:

    I’m no M.D., but I studied enough of the natural sciences to know that the claims of acupuncture are ridiculous (mystical energy flow, meridians etc). Besides, I’ve recieved acupuncture treatments in my youth (for allergic asthma, which made me feel a little better for some days, and when I got back to the stress of everyday life I had the same old health problems again. This experience was perfectly consistent with the placebo effect that I learned bout years later.

  10. lovemondays says:

    No offence to you Tastentier but I would like to ask how much you know about this system of medicine. I was one of them who think exactly same as you until i benefitted from acupuncture. There are more than what is not explained by western medicine.

  11. Tastentier says:

    Here’s what really happens, without any pseudo-science: Any treatment that you manage to believe in will a) cause an endorphin release, caused by excitement due to high expectation, and b) lower the amount of stress hormones in the body. This placebo effect can have a positive effect on people’s health, at least for a short time. It’s no reliable cure for anything though.

  12. Tastentier says:

    Prayer and faith healing has also been used for thousands of years. That doesn’t mean there’s more than a placebo effect to prayer… or acupuncture.

  13. pesadilla38 says:

    if it wasnt real it wouldnt have survived 5 thousand years and be used so much today

  14. alicaj says:

    amazing, how so many alighments can be treated by simply pressing or touching the trigger points…is this for real?

  15. davif3 says:

    Nice to see that the americans are finely open their eyes for Acupuncture

  16. kittyriddle says:

    acupuncture cures pink eye?

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