golden needle therapy of Buthan

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golden needle therapy In the traditional Bhutanese medicine the golden needle therapy is very popular. The golden needle is a nail like golden thick needle, used to treat many disorders. Many patients actively ask the traditional healer to be treated with the golden needle. The golden needle therapy is seen by many Bhutanese patients as something quite special. IOCOB visited in 2008 a traditional healer to inquire about this method. We thougt the method might be related to Chinese medicine, were golden needles are used also. But it appeared to be quite different. Golden neelde therapy is cauterization: the golden needle is heated and on certain points, unrelated to acupuncture points, the heated needle is applied. Not piercing through the skin, but only touching the skin. This it is not acupuncture, but cauterization. The therapy is a 2nd line therapy, if herbal remedies are not sufficient. As with Tibetan medicine, the main methods of diagnosis are feeling the pulse, checking urine, and examining the eyes and tongue, as well as interviewing the patient. Therapeutically, the Bhutanese rely on herbal combinations, limited acupuncture therapy (including use of the golden needle), applications of heat (usually with metal rods), and minor surgical interventions, all done in the context of Buddhist ritual. There is a hospital for modern medicine relied upon mainly for treatment of acute and severe diseases. Bhutanese herbal medicine is also similar to that of Tibet. Originally

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