Acupuncture treatment in China

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  1. rahimick5 says:

    Pretty impressive free-hand technique with no guide tube, but I am noticing that they do not palpate the channel and points at all. I find this quite problematic. Just hitting textbook locations might be a fast way to practice but I have not found it very effective.

  2. bushvolesky says:

    @1awareness Not necessarily, it really depends on the style of acupuncture and what is being treated. Treating stroke recovery, for example, is a very intense type of acupuncture treatment and can be quite painful.

  3. 1awareness says:

    Is it really true that it is some what painless?

  4. luvtomkaulitz4ever says:

    oh my god!!!!!!

  5. Nuengnueng says:

    It felt like being pricked by a sharp corner of a plastic card, intially. May be some tingly sensation, like hitting upper part of your arm. soThen, numbness for the remaining period.

  6. GulRamani says:

    No it does not. The needles are very thin and from personal experience I can say that there is no pain. This is a centuries old practice.

  7. alykat10 says:

    That has to hurt!! e.e

  8. xokelsiox says:

    doesnt that hurt???

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