Acupuncture Treatment Demo for Low Energy and Stress Relief Therapy

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Acupuncture Treatment Demo for Low Energy and Stress Relief Therapy Chrissie Natoli has a Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist. In this free video she demonstrates an acupuncture treatment to help increase energy levels and to relieve and manage stress. She describes the different acupuncture points, what these points do and how you can massage these at home. Chrissie practices in Austin, Texas and can be reached on her website below. Visits the Chrissie’s Website at; This video was produced by Psychetruth http © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. Acupuncture treatment demonstration demo low energy “low energy” sleepy tired stress management relief therapy “acupuncture treatment” “acupuncture therapy” “acupuncture demo” medicine manage “acupuncture points” points


19 Responses to “Acupuncture Treatment Demo for Low Energy and Stress Relief Therapy”
  1. melissa81ful says:

    the lady on the table has a happy trail if anybody noticed

  2. Terra1311 says:

    its yanG and its good and evil.

  3. orionpk says:

    she is camera shy^^

  4. dukegnarley says:

    The house of spine totally sounds like an evil ninja dojo in a kung-fu movie.

  5. amadeusonff says:

    I’m terrible at public speaking. So are you, and it showed. If you get so obviously flustered and embarrassed by talking to a video camera that you can’t look it in the ‘eye’ consistently, you’ve got some confidence issues to work on. The first couple minutes were almost painful to watch, there were so many nervous ticks. We’ve all been there, but it makes you look unprofessional, especially when it’s something you could correct because you’re not speaking live.

  6. TittyMongrel says:

    screw you guys I think she’s great. and pretty.

  7. melzieclark says:

    She looks like Creed from The Office!

  8. 2003SCT says:

    Finally, some pricks in a psychetruth video!…ladies rejoice:)

  9. therealcraqerjaq says:

    @zalttpmmoot disgusting

  10. MrPancaekz says:

    Tired? Stick a needle in your head.

  11. CrynOut says:

    She has crazy eyes!

  12. ivy158 says:

    A bit confusing but def. feel more relaxed after watching the video. I love your voice!!! It’s so soothing.

    Hairy bellybutton. -_- Ewww.

  13. jason25k says:

    Acupuncture works! Great video!

  14. mns123able says:

    You have also used ex1 and LI4

  15. rawjokes says:

    I wonder how many cats she has….

  16. TakaraSakura says:

    This was a very informative video, wonderful job. 🙂

  17. Peter4101 says:

    @betterworld1 I know its more of an alternitive to normal practices. The way its used is that chi is the life force of our being. So moveing chi to a certain point(viea acupunture) can effect the body(in theroy) in a certain way.

  18. VasPeLeK says:

    I am not saying that acupuncture is not effective but your explanations are very confusing and they don’t give you any credibility (sorry for my bad English)

  19. betterworld1 says:

    i dont get it. acupuncture seems ridiculous.

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