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  1. AcupunctureTraining says:

    @Dollinski students who are not experienced in needling need to rely on book location descriptions, however experienced Acupuncturists are adept at all the possible locations for a particular point and which ones work better than others

  2. Dollinski says:

    Somebody needs to learn where BL10 is actually located…. Cos its not where it should be on this video.

  3. livingtraditions says:

    I have trained in a Chinese Medicine Hospital, and I haven’t seen a western acupunturist with the same skill. In China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore…they all do it like this. This doctor is amazing!

  4. ErrolLynch says:

    Thanks for teaching and showing us the traditional way of handling the needle,

    I have met many modern trained acupuncturists (post 2001), they do not seem to have the confidence in practice, is this because they no longer teach these techniques in many of the colleges anymore

  5. AcupunctureTraining says:

    the hand only touches the handlle not the needle shank
    the needles were inserted in an aseptic way
    my handsand fingers were wash and sterilised with recomended anti bacterial solution, this is real chinese acupuncture,the western version is for beginers

  6. Aaron518 says:

    That was scary…not a single gloved hand!! Your needles are nothing but a bacteria taxi into the person tissue!

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