Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Gua Sha

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Acupuncture gua sha is scrapping method used for back pain, colds and even the flu. Learn more about gua sha and acupuncture from our medical expert in this free video. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Contact: Bio: Robert Linde has been practicing tai chi for 13 years. As an acupuncturist and registered herbalist, he’s studied herbs since 1975 and practiced traditional Chinese medicine for over 6 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


25 Responses to “Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Gua Sha”
  1. TheKizzmyass says:

    @PakDaeHan well then maybe your wife needs stop exaggerating

  2. TheKizzmyass says:

    @aarmeti and who are you some ignorent piece of white trash i doubt you know what your talking about so shut up and go back to fucking your cousin

  3. nicolesamsonite says:

    omg I just got this done, it’s so painful but worth it

  4. theGuyYouHate01 says:

    What is this was done to……..well…a pee pee

  5. matthewlee95 says:

    i swear everyone in expertvillage is dumbass

  6. puddiah11 says:

    @ITSjustanothercommen please enlighten me

  7. ITSjustanothercommen says:

    @puddiah11 Lol, I suggest you do some research.

  8. haha112288 says:

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  9. puddiah11 says:

    @ameberlee first of all, back spasms and pain are 99 percent of the time not permanent injuries moron. second of all, how the hell is scraping the shit out of his skin supposed to help his back. atleast the pills have proven science behind them rather than nothing like acupuncture.

  10. Morkindie says:

    utter B.S..
    The white lab coat is not convincing me.

  11. ameberlee says:

    I find it interesting.. I bet it feels like getting a really good back scratch…..and I feel sad for you.. a typical american just take a pill to dull out the pain/senses to make you feel better but you do not solve/fix the true problem. So you will live with the injury your whole life just covering it up.

  12. xiangmei says:

    this video is no good.we dont use lotion as it evaporates fast.use virgin coconut oil instead

  13. wongtuek says:

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  14. eBiology says:

    This is just silly… and once again I say this as someone completing a BSc in biology and pursuing a career in medicine.

  15. TheManWithNoName4444 says:

    Just because something is invented by the chinese and is old, doesn’t mean it’s good, I’ll stick with icy/hot and advil for my pains. I’m pretty sure this guy is dead by the end of these videos.

  16. suicide5389 says:

    isnt that kinda like the graston technique?

  17. aquarianbabe says:

    lol, what about people with dark skin…i guess they’re screwed

  18. 14amn14 says:

    These methods in exceptional cases will help. But… its cannot are reliable and cardinal treatment. Acupuncture – superficial means. Only the own will of the person can cure cardinally. I passed all methods (from yoga up to acupuncture). But…. when has gone by my (!) way to a healthy and high-grade body – has understood: 1) – not trust to fear, this fear – false, I was convinced after a victory 2) make only first two steps, not trusting any authorities, only to myself .

  19. aarmeti says:

    @strike41100 You aren’t school psychologist or any other kind of IQ Measurement tools! aren’t you?! who are you really?! someone living in 16th century with execution and barbaric medicine?! I will delete all your further messages! Bye Bye!

  20. strike41100 says:

    @aarmeti your not very smart are you

  21. aarmeti says:

    I hate this person with this face ! Reminds me of bin ladan! FU him with his disgusting medicine!

  22. aarmeti says:

    @PakDaeHan You are right Dear. I really do not understand why some people can bring these ugly things in the U.S.? Here is not desert! Here is not Arabia! We have many perfect physicians in UCLA… etc….many people around the world come to U.S. for treatments. It is really sad! It is not the time of medieval!

  23. PakDaeHan says:

    @aarmeti I totally agree, fucken witch doctors full of crap! I found a well known doctor of acupuncture who was suppose to be healthy had surgery for gall stones, Lord forgive me if I am wrong or sound rude but this technique is barbaric!

  24. PakDaeHan says:

    @coryu711 I agree this is full of shit! my wife had this fucken stupid painful treatment and it didn’y do shit, no one dam thing! full of crap shit!

  25. PakDaeHan says:

    full of shit! scrapping the skin over 100 times of course it will turn red dumbass!

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