Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture for Stress Relief

expertvillage asked:

Acupuncturists sometimes use a method called the four gates in order to help alleviate stress. Learn more about acupuncture and how it can help you from our medical expert in this free video. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Contact: Bio: Robert Linde has been practicing tai chi for 13 years. As an acupuncturist and registered herbalist, he’s studied herbs since 1975 and practiced traditional Chinese medicine for over 6 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


18 Responses to “Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture for Stress Relief”
  1. mns123able says:

    The order of needling in four gates is also important. It should be last needled first out

  2. RosalieStreet says:

    I really managed to relief my stress and anxiety. Check this ——————————->w w w dealwithstresslabs com

  3. SlayingMinion says:

    This treatment is BS.

  4. FFS1NICO says:

    DON’T! u will release the demon fox within him!

  5. shoktroop says:

    Why don’t you help your Pt deal with his emotional issues as well? In Japan the DR does not leave the room and gives you “energetic” healing as well.

  6. 13Ducksonabox says:

    FUCK this really hurts…i have done this therapy for a desiese called (in swedish) VITILIGO…

  7. rageagaintstheNWO says:

    @STUNTS1516 1 year ago…well, what the hell
    the needles are in a tube, so no gloves needed.

  8. theYisnotsilent says:

    we are gonna relax this guy a little bit…
    so here goes the needle. into his forehead.

    hahaa it made me smile

  9. badasses2468 says:

    @bewustwording wow, you actually think this, you clearly dont know what you are talking about

  10. bewustwording says:

    Having stress is just an illusion, i’ve also been there. What pulled me out of the misery was just ‘opening my eyes’. I learned the things that they don’t show on TV. I now started changingproject(.)com which is a free video information archive. People should ask themself where the depression comes from, it’s all about our mind and science already revealed that everything is connected to eachother and that we create reality by thinking,thoughts with powerful emotions become reality.Do research

  11. elektramw says:

    I think he used LR 2 …

  12. Wolcottvfd2 says:

    @STUNTS1516 absolutly he has NOOOOO idea what hes doing i think he learned how to do his acupuncture from a video like this

  13. gracielamara says:

    do you do classes too?

  14. Alaya7 says:

    you use gloves in accupunture when dealing with blood, we don’t use gloves cause it’s important to feel well the skin, to find the points. and the needles are easy to manage..

  15. cbnunya says:

    well hes using needles….

    good point. O_O

  16. STUNTS1516 says:

    shouldnt he be wearing gloves?

  17. Gimm2006 says:

    Your LR-3 looks more like LR-2, not a biggie if your relasing heat. Anyway, I really dig your videos. Thank you.

  18. Gimm2006 says:

    yin tang and LI-4, LR-3 combo? I find LI-20 and GB-14 as well as St-2 or 3 are GREAT for sinus issues.

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