Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Bleeding & Cupping Demo

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Combining bleeding and cupping methods in acupuncture can help in certain types of pain treatment. Learn more about these acupuncture methods from our medical expert in this free video. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Contact: Bio: Robert Linde has been practicing tai chi for 13 years. As an acupuncturist and registered herbalist, he’s studied herbs since 1975 and practiced traditional Chinese medicine for over 6 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


24 Responses to “Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Bleeding & Cupping Demo”
  1. AdudenamedKemp says:

    I don’t like that glance at the end of the video.

  2. sugarxcoatedxlies says:

    Unless you’ve had this procedure done, or have any idea why acupuncture is effective, stop talking. No one is FORCING anyone to do these treatments. They are EFFECTIVE for those who choose to do them. It’s sad that the world is so reliant on narcotics and man-made chemicals shaped into pills that even the idea of TRADITIONAL medicine and healing is so “barbaric” and “disgusting”. What’s disgusting is all you small-ended, uneducated hillbillies.

  3. JerrizleMcYo says:

    If there were a God in the entirety of existence, that Dumbass would get rid of these fucking advertisements.

  4. rageagaintstheNWO says:

    he sounds dissapointed that there was little blood.

  5. rootbear31 says:

    And theres a little bruising, this is quite effective for relieving pain lol

  6. RosarioRebellion says:

    2 needles, 1 cup

  7. puddiah11 says:

    @blazeclicker “perfectly capable of killing if you have the know how”. That would be a good point if acupuncturists were TRYING TO FUCKING KILL, WHICH THEY ARENT. and you clearly dont have an understanding of where the spinal cord is. why wouldnt you just do a quick google search before saying something that stupid.

  8. blazeclicker says:

    @puddiah11 omg are you that idiotic? these needles are perfectly capable of killing if you have the know how also traditional needles were made of bamboo or bone (a fish or a shard of a bone) and i know the needles in the video are not made out of bamboo i am not blind. its what 1/4th of skin on the back of the neck protecting the spine? pirce the spinal corde with anything no matter how thin it will kill or paralise

  9. puddiah11 says:

    @blazeclicker are you even watching and talking about the freaking video anymore? seriously, those needles are not made out of bamboo and they are tiny. An accidental move still cant kill. and now your talking about “traditional” needles because you realized i was right and that there is no way that those needles could kill.

  10. blazeclicker says:

    @puddiah11 dude ur fucking stupid traditional chinese accupuncture needles are made of bamboo and look like fucking skewers and even the tinyest needle can kill fool there are such things like the “death” toutch and also what an easy way to kill some body your victime is laying infront of you un moving unsuspecting and completely voulnerable and all you have to do is insert one or 2 “accidently” incorectly places needles and ur patient dies btw traditional needle were much longer

  11. puddiah11 says:

    @blazeclicker there is no possible way those tiny needles can kill someone from anywhere unless there are acupuncture points in the eye or 6 inches into the temple. Your the idiot.

  12. blazeclicker says:

    @puddiah11 dont be an idiot im not afraid of a disease from the needle but you can kill some one with a needle accidently or purpously

  13. puddiah11 says:

    @blazeclicker ya there were no alcohol swabs to make the areas sterile either, but i dont see you rejecting those.

  14. itachiitachi1946 says:

    @rageagaintstheNWO ipokratis was the first one u used that method

  15. blazeclicker says:

    he dosent wear gloves because back when chinese medicin came out there was no gloves and he dosent need gloves and wont wear them id feel completly safe into an honest skilled chinese medicin practitioner (i will never allow some one to stick needles in me unless they were raised in china and has been around it there entire life)

  16. srinivaskari says:

    this method removes toxins accumalted in the blood and de toxifies the blood….

  17. Emotalkingtoaster says:

    The whole time I was watching this I did this face….


  18. AngryScissor says:

    @KittyNinjaPiper People also used to willingly allow doctors to leech them. That doesn’t mean it isn’t barbaric.

  19. blueisawesome0529 says:

    The way he looks away unsurely at the end is not very reassuring that it’s, “Quite effective for pain.”

  20. asianthor says:

    hey, that’s Chuck my bucher! Wow, so this is what he does on his spare time.

  21. rageagaintstheNWO says:

    you guys must be smarter than those who came up with this 4000 years ago, and still using it today….

  22. LittleJawa says:

    Bleeding, seriously? This is the most medieval thing I’ve ever seen, how is this supposed to even help. Stagnant blood, the body is constantly circulating blood. If you have stagnant blood you’re already dead.

  23. KittyNinjaPiper says:

    @aarmeti What are you talking about…? If they are so barbaric why would some people do it willing? I don’t think I would ever take part in any of those practices, but that is just personal preference… It’s spelled beautiful not “Beautigul”…

  24. TheFurryFeline says:

    I’m diabetic, lancets don’t really hurt as much as you’d think. Stop having a heart attack, people.

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