Acupuncture Documentation

akupunkturaktuellde asked:

Acupuncture performed in Beijing 1982 by Prof Cheng Xie Nong documented by Dr Gabriel Stux, German Acupuncture Society.


8 Responses to “Acupuncture Documentation”
  1. The136th says:

    I China those who practice Acupuncture are real doctors, it’s a shame that in the West a lot are charlatan without proper training: ruining the reputation of acupuncture.

  2. hansacupuncture says:

    Good site to acupuncture therapy –

  3. briant2828 says:

    um ok. well i dont know if you ever been to the west but lets say you go see a doctor… its a little cleaner then that. but i dont know how it is in china, but here in the west going to see a doctor shouldnt be stressful, and it’s somewhat relaxing… maybe just my experiences….

  4. amberleah2008 says:

    This is acupuncture as a medical treatment, not for relaxation purposes. In the West it’s like going for a massage, in China it’s like going to the doctor’s.

  5. Aheyne says:

    Welcome to China…

  6. NikiMadritista says:

    whit all this people in China it may be a quiet place….bizarre

  7. GulRamani says:

    alternatively, one can term it as less sterile and a lived in place.

  8. briant2828 says:

    tahts a nasty looking place to get acupuncture your supposed to be all calm and relaxed and you have someone coughing in the background like hes got emphazima…

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