Staying fit at home

Dying to finally get fit? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck, since this is the golden age for people like you. But you have a problem. You either can’t afford or don’t have time for gyms, sports matches or anything like that. Still not a problem as you can always hire fitness equipment. Nowadays there are countless ways to stay fit without ever leaving your home. Here are some suggestions... [Click here to Read more]

Best Apps for acupunture

Are you a huge fan of acupunture? If so, both if you would like to try it or just to obtain informations, smartphones come in your help. Let’s have a look at the most interesting apps downloadable for Google Android and for Apple iOS. On websites like FreApp and AppAdvice you can find lots of lists and suggestions. Anyway, here’s some spotlights: Easy Acupunture 3D shows most known acupunture... [Click here to Read more]

Ancient Philosophies

Tying Into Ancient Philosophies: Does Chinese Medicine Work? You have had a head cold for over a month.  No matter what type of medication you try, you simply can’t get rid of the problem.  It continues to linger, knocking you out of your ability to have the energy you want to and function at the level you want every day.  Getting desperate for an answer to get rid of the illness, you begin to... [Click here to Read more]

The Principle of Yin and Yang for Medicine

Tuning Into Opposites for Health: The Principle of Yin and Yang for Medicine Chinese medicine is not only a way of science that incorporates the discoveries made for holistic health.  It also incorporates philosophies that are important for one to be able to stay in the best health.  Along with these philosophies are practical principles that are applied with Chinese medicine in order for holistic... [Click here to Read more]

The West Meets the East

The West Meets the East: Using Science to Prove Chinese Medicine Even though Chinese medicine has been used as an effective method for over 5,000 years, Western scientific proof continues to debate whether this is a logical method to help with healing.  If you are interested in Chinese medicine, but are not certain of its effectiveness, you can look at the various research studies that have helped... [Click here to Read more]

Is Acupuncture For You?

Is Acupuncture For You? Understanding the Benefits and the Risks Usually, science driven societies are optimistic about the ideas linked to acupuncture and their effectiveness.  Even though this ancient practice has become more known in the past ten years, it is still a procedure that is not completely understood.  By understanding how the process is done, the possible side effects and the outcome,... [Click here to Read more]

Chinese Medicine Hierarchy of Medicine

Finding the Right Method for Healing: Chinese Medicine Hierarchy of Medicine Chinese medicine is not based on the typical ideas and facts that you would see in every day doctor’s offices.  The science of Chinese medicine is based on philosophies of the spiritual being in tune to the mental and physical bodies.  When all three of these are aligned, it allows for Qi, or energy, to move through your... [Click here to Read more]

Chinese Medicine as Meditation

Chinese Medicine as Meditation The holistic approach to medicine doesn’t just include sticking needles in your system or taking an extra set of herbs every day.  It also consists of finding an approach to your life that will lead to a well rounded well being.  If you are working towards healing, gaining energy or just feeling better about your every day life, than approaching Chinese medication... [Click here to Read more]