Sesalo Ear acupuncture for obesity

arisu101 asked:

About acupuncture for appetite suppression


8 Responses to “Sesalo Ear acupuncture for obesity”
  1. kondatechecker says:

    What’s that small paper?

  2. mammajama7 says:

    she isnt verry gentle

  3. eternallight351 says:

    english sub please…

  4. hansacupuncture says:

    Good video. I prefer to use acuclips self to open acupoints and meridians

    More info -

    Dr. Hans

  5. toromiguel says:

    big foots ear ajajaj


    is that a big bread wow it what an art a ” Giant bread ear”

  7. vanilla197 says:

    this gives me an orgasm

  8. acuhypther says:

    Since this was in Korean and not english I want to know 1)Pts 2)seeds or magnets/balls 3)treatment principles ex.shenman,appetite contol, forehead , liver, spleen and mouth

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