LifeWave Acu-Point Location Training for SP6 Complete for Weight Loss

596082 asked:

Dr. Karen Kan teaches you how to find the three acupuncture points used with the LifeWave SP6 Complete system for weight reduction. The Basic protocol uses just the SP6 Complete patch and the Advanced uses both the SP6 Complete patch and the Glutathione Patch.


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  1. 596082 says:

    @wateryskipper My pleasure!

  2. wateryskipper says:

    thank you Doctor, being a student of acupuncture this is so appreciated……

  3. 596082 says:

    @AntiAgingPatch Thanks Roy, you’re very sweet! Karen

  4. AntiAgingPatch says:

    Karen, you are the best. I share your Lifewave videos with people all around the globe … WE thank you … 🙂
    Roy Richard

  5. 596082 says:

    @aceyducey56 Thank you!

  6. liondrsekar says:

    Excellent site for the weight reduction. Thanks a lot for the great contribution rendered to this humanities. Lion Dr S Sekar MD (Acu).

  7. illskz says:

    thanks, I finally resolve my doubts. I knew that the patch of glutathione helps detoxify the body but that was setting in this way with SP6 patches.
    Again thanks.

  8. 596082 says:

    If you only have a green patch, then follow the instructions for the BASIC which is to use only the LEFT leg.

    The white patch is the glutathione patch which is the ADVANCED protocol which is used on the RIGHT leg. Hope that helps!

  9. illskz says:

    For serving the white patch? Which of the products is?
    In my package I have been the only green patch. If anyone knows answer me out of doubt.

  10. 596082 says:

    You’re welcome!

  11. MWGleeson says:

    clear info and informative…good value

  12. aceyducey56 says:

    Very informative.

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