Acupuncture Weight Loss Tips : Acupuncture & Thyroid Function

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Acupuncture is a great alternative medicine that can help stimulate certain thyroid functions and help you lose weight. Learn tips on how and why this is from an acupuncture expert in this free video clip. Expert: LI Zheng Bio: Li Zheng is a graduate of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She got a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the Medical College of Ohio and was a researcher trained at MGH and Harvard Medical School. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


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  1. kiranphalke says:

    Can anyone say about WHO. WHO has approved acupuncture as a treatment for many diseases.I hope this clears this subject. If anyone is above WHO then i cannot help it. What criteria they used is not known to me.

  2. kiranphalke says:

    At first i will say depending on the ancient books which i have that acupuncture is not of Chinese origin. It has a Indian connection and called the marmabindu chikitsa.Then i would ask you “will you take acupuncture if you are sick and no treatment is working for you? Will you prefer to suffer and stick to the proof of acupuncture efficacy?I hope i am not being silly.

  3. sincristo says:

    @kiranphalke BTW: it is not my intention to be mean here. I understand that this is a deeply held belief for you. All human beings have the propensity to belief in stuff without evidence; if we needed evidence for everything, every day, we wouldn’t be able to function.

    We also have a strong tendency to seek confirmation for the things we already believe, often ignoring contrary evidence. This doesn’t make someone stupid.

    That’s why science is important: it cancels out these biases/weaknesses.

  4. sincristo says:

    @kiranphalke Now you’re just being silly. I suggest you do some research on basic logic before asking someone to prove a negative.

    Basically, it works like this: YOU’RE the one claiming that invisible, unmeasurable lines of magical energy, which happen to correspond to the geography of an ancient Chinese empire, can be exploited by poking people with needles. You’re the one making the claim: it’s your job to show some evidence.

    The more absurd the claim, the stronger that evidence should be.

  5. kiranphalke says:

    @sincristo if you think scientificaly and if you have scientific rigor then you also should have proof that ” acupuncture is idiotic “does not work etc.What proof you have that you yourself exist? You are staying in this body of crores of cells and you call yourself you? Where is You in you? Please think and just do not discard anything if you you do not have a proof.Read man read.

  6. sincristo says:

    @kiranphalke the fact that you believe in magical meridians at all, or that you use leeches or that you think homeopathy is “proved” really just says it all.

    You apparently lack any sort of understanding of scientific rigor.

  7. kiranphalke says:
    There are two phots of meridian like lines on the patients body

  8. kiranphalke says:

    @sincristo I have two photographs in which a patient of mine exhibits meridians like lines on his arms and leg watch it.
    This is just an example.At meridian institute in Beijing Dr. Xu Zong has proved with modern equipment that meridians do exist
    Acupuncture will be proved like homeopathy soon

  9. kiranphalke says:

  10. kiranphalke says:

    You do not require a proof for everything.If your job is done then that is it.A Korean doctor finally had to agree after he took acupuncture for his back pain. He then proved that the acupuncture points do exist and they have specific action. So so called scientists will have to take acupuncture sometimes in their life and find the truth.Is there a proof for God? Still people use him.See Dr. Pomeranz work and Pubmed abstracts for proof of acupuncture.

  11. kiranphalke says:

    There are more than twentyfive thousand patients i have treated and cured with acupuncture very effectively. I do not require a proof for that.What proof is there in modern medicine? Is there a diagnostic proof for everything? No Only MRI, CT scan and some blood tests but where is the cure?That nonsense statin rsults are evident.Why americans went to china to learn acupuncture after their precidents visit followed by a treatment with acupuncture on one of the deligates.

  12. sincristo says:

    BTW, anyone know what was used to determine where and how many “meridians” a person has? Anyone? Anyone?

    Two things: the number of days in the year and…wait for it…the number of RIVERS in CHINA. Repeat: this”medicine” is based on how many RIVERS flowed through China two thousand years ago and on the Chinese Zodiac.

    In other words, acupuncture is IDIOTIC. It’s not age-old “wisdom”, it’s a superstition that predates cell theory, germ theory and, apparently, critical thinking.

    Look it up.

  13. sincristo says:

    @kiranphalke You’ve said nothing to support the supposed efficacy of acupuncture. The truth is simply this: there is zero, repeat ZERO credible evidence that acupuncture has any effect at all, compared to the mountain of evidence for science-based medicine.

    That desperate people with incurable diseases turn to acupuncture is not surprising. But ithat’s NOT evidence, so please stop pretending it is.

    Again: there is NO evidence for acupuncture. It’s as credible as voodoo, and every bit as silly.

  14. kiranphalke says:

    @sincristo I saw in china Rheumatoid arthritis being treated and completely symptom free.Can any one do it with modern med.? No, steroids, many harmful drugs statins,,thalidomide and more to harm the people under the name of science.Corrupt FDA? People use acupuncture only when meds cannot help.We need rethink our med system.Long live TCM.See research about acupuncture on pub med.We use all kinds of medical systems.I do not say that mod medicine is bad but not used properly. am happy. go on.

  15. sincristo says:

    @kiranphalke You use leeches? I rest my case.

    Hopefully anyone reading this will see that acupuncture and leeching are not that different. Both are misguided medical practices that have been discounted by scientific study.

    “More patients die in hospitals than on road accidents.”

    Another example of poor thinking. Where do you think people go when their health is threatened; Pacific Coast Highway? The Jersey Turnpike? No, they go to HOSPITALS. And the unlucky ones die.

  16. kiranphalke says:

    @sincristo Do you require science to prove that ? No not at all.More patients die in hospitals than on road accidents. Where is the science?Leeches are wonderful and i have great experience with them.Thanks to nature. It has saved many amputations.It seems you are hurt somewhere. Calm down and take experience that will resolve the matter of science over superstition.You can be a great friend.Remove the word bulshit it is anger and it spoils the health.Happy new year

  17. sincristo says:

    @kiranphalke “Acupuncture is a science and now proved beyond doubt.”

    No. Acupuncture has failed all credible scientific trials. Acupuncture is only successful as a placebo treatment, and I can sell you some sugar pills for much less.

    “China is using it for five thousand years.”


    Leeches also have a long tradition, as do many other forms of shoddy or superstition-based medicine. But that doesn’t make them effectual.

    I’m sure you believe very strongly in what you do; but it’s bullshit.

  18. monilove5 says:

    @monilove5 correction TSH hormone

  19. monilove5 says:

    @sincristo Who was that guy? He has no credentials and you actually believed HIS opinion because he threw in some random mumbo jumbo. Listen to a Also, Hypothyroid is treated with Acupuncture. The Lowering of your THS can’t be a placebo effect. That hormone can not be lowered with your mind.

  20. rebelliouseoagj says:

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  21. sincristo says:

    This is complete bullshit, people. Acupuncture is not science, and it has no effect. Watch this guy’s video to learn more about it: watch?v=pp5eiHUdwb4

  22. osweclever says:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    i drink alot of water a day is that a bad thing??

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