PMS Calming Acupuncture Treatment

CinnabarAcupuncture asked:

This treatment gets to the root of PMS symptoms: moodiness, anger, bloating, insomnia, hot flashes, cramps, constipation, etc. Clearing and soothing the Liver energy in the body balances the hormones, relieves irritability and reactivity, and calms the mind. Strengthening the Spleen resolves issues such as bloating, diarrhea, and water retention. Nourishing the Kidneys helps with issues such as infertility, low back pain, and weakness. If your monthly cycle is anything but smooth and regular it is a sign of imbalance. If you treat the minor signs you never have to experience the big warnings. Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic & Spa is the the Original Asian Medical Spa(TM) located in a quiet community in San Diego, CA.


16 Responses to “PMS Calming Acupuncture Treatment”
  1. sp3ncyboy says:

    how good does this feel?

  2. aaronred345 says:

    I saw fire cupping in Karate Kid 😀

  3. iHunterThemes says:

    I will never do this after i saw the final destination 5 movie..

  4. crpsaiyan says:

    I just started my acupuncture treatment for PMS yesterday, and I had needles placed in my feet, my ankles, my lower legs, and my hands. However, my acupuncturist didn’t do any cupping with me. *shrugs*

  5. DJLunasf says:

    Funny, that was actually relaxing to watch 🙂

  6. LazySmi says:

    girl in the red is a good lookin girl 🙂

  7. GameNetZeR0 says:

    3:09 to 3:12 that in karate kid

  8. ai5H4 says:

    This was so… so… zzzzzzzzzzz

  9. CinnabarAcupuncture says:

    @thealice168 San Diego, California. The address is 10432 Reserve Dr, Ste 111.

  10. thealice168 says:

    Where is this acupuncture place located?

  11. CinnabarAcupuncture says:

    @LiteXO According to TCM, PMS is a sign of imbalance in the body. Acupuncture treatments correct the current imbalance, but factors such as stress could create the same conditions again in the future. To answer your question, the woman would not experience PMS as long as she maintained the same state of health through her lifestyle and diet.

  12. LiteXO says:

    does this mean that the woman would never experience PMS again? or does this relieve only the current PMS being experienced by the woman?

  13. gorilla615 says:

    4:00-4:40 the cupping technique is wonderful, however I can’ t help but notice that one technique is very much like Qua Sa. But thanks for the video! Very helpful

  14. CinnabarAcupuncture says:

    @monilove5 To treat a more complicated condition like hypothyroid will require regular treatments over several months. There are several places offering lower cost acupuncture. I would shop around.

  15. monilove5 says:

    i need acupuncture for my hypothyroid, but i heard it was expensive.

  16. wiggalama says:

    Both women are beautiful and appreciate Far-eastern culture in a well blended way…therefore=WIN WIN 😀

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