Instant height increase, be taller with Acupuncture treatment.

healersupreme asked:

With still newer treatment protocol it seems possible to increase height upto 1 or more inches with Acupuncture Method of Prof Dr Anton Jayasuriya. Dr Prakash Verekar of Nashik India has proved it time and again.


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  1. unknowndude132 says:

    next time,please measure the final height with that tape and not with fingers and hands or by ‘observing’.
    if you measure the starting height with the tape the final height also should be measured with the same tape.use a scale and show the increase.
    this is so confusing and misleading

  2. healersupreme says:

    Yes definitely. there are thousands of muscles on face. some of them are important and are named. Acupuncture can relax and tonify muscles selectively. thus brings about changes in size and shapes of parts of face. see my video about nose beautification, lip augmentation, forehead reshaping etc to see demonstration of the technique.

  3. healersupreme says:

    Acupuncture with its ability to relax and tonify muscles can reshape and re-size any part of the face. In fact any thing that can be modified with plastic surgery can easily be done with acupuncture see my videos on nose beautification, lip augmentation,. forehead reshaping.

  4. rikidigmon says:

    Can acupuncture shapes any part of the body right?? is it even possible to change the shape of the head/face??

  5. healersupreme says:

    At last, I Think, I have now found an additional point to give guaranteed gain in height instantly. The initial height gain of more than one or two centimeter looks impressive.
    A few more patients and I will be ready for challenging patients who are stuck for guarantee. I may now treat more to gain more height.

  6. Kramer025 says:

    yay finally more acupuncture videos! ty

  7. Konane117 says:

    ah, acupuncture…never ceases to amaze me.

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