Foot Massage & Acupuncture Treatment for Low Energy & Stress Relief

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Please visit our website: Foot Massage & Acupuncture Treatment for Low Energy and Stress Relief Chrissie Natoli has a Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist. In this video she demonstrates a foot massage. In the rest of this series, she describes the different acupuncture points, what these points do and how you can massage these at home. Chrissie practices in Austin, Texas and can be reached on her website below. Visits the Chrissie’s Website at; http This video was produced by Psychetruth © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. foot feet massage “how to” Acupuncture treatment demonstration demo low energy stress management relief therapy “acupuncture treatment” instruction instructions video psychetruth “foot massage” medicine manage “acupuncture points” points


21 Responses to “Foot Massage & Acupuncture Treatment for Low Energy & Stress Relief”
  1. timtom099 says:

    @powerstryker grow up troll

  2. charlibabe says:

    @ILUVJEZUZ94 just looks small and has little arms 🙂

  3. muddle100 says:

    @FEVER55555 Ah yes, gloves feel SO lovely in a massage…Thre is no need for gloves if you sanatise betwen patients correctly!

  4. greyepistle says:

    i never considered how the state of the patient recieving acupuncture would effect the treatment. it’s somthing intresting to contemplate about. thanks for sharing the video.

  5. ILUVJEZUZ94 says:

    @charlibabe what makes you say that?

  6. lexxypexxy says:

    @MitsosMitsoulas who’s Amy?

  7. FEVER55555 says:


  8. charlibabe says:

    is Chrissie a dwarf?

  9. Lalabubbles100 says:

    @wendowasher me 2

  10. powerstryker says:

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    Stick a needle in her K1 point and see if that won’t perk her ass up and give her some energy

  12. wendowasher says:

    I want one now!

  13. vidgirl4444 says:

    I LOVE FOOT MASSAGES! they make me sleep and stress free!

  14. vidgirl4444 says:

    INLOVE FOOT MASSAGES! they make me sleep and stress free!

  15. DemonicSymphonic says:

    Bitch got cankles.

  16. aassaa99 says:

    u couldnt find a better looking feet than this what is hat a troll

  17. DeathDOer01 says:

    @squelchdown hahaha…well good 😉

  18. KingRockets says:

    where is the pussy represented, specifically the clitoris? thanks

  19. squelchdown says:

    @DeathDOer01 lol.. you made me laugh.. no earthquakes and tornadoes here… ahehehe =)..

  20. zacatetas says:

    my feet are nicer, and i’m a guy

  21. MitsosMitsoulas says:

    The videos without any backroung music are the best. On a completely unrelated subject, I miss Amy. Sadly, the immature comments scared her off…

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