Endangered sea turtle gets acupuncture treatment

NewEnglandAquarium asked:

An endangered sea turtle at the New England Aquarium was having difficulty opening its beak to eat food, and veterinarians didn’t know why. Because several treatments hadn’t worked, the care team asked a licensed acupuncturist to come to the Aquarium to treat the turtle. This video shows the fourth session of acupuncture and already the rescued turtle is showing some improvements. See for yourself!


2 Responses to “Endangered sea turtle gets acupuncture treatment”
  1. jives says:

    Acupuncture doesn’t hurt. And that acupuncturist has done work at the Franklin Park zoo as well.

    I’m so happy the turtle can eat now. Cool video!

  2. zeno2712 says:

    That is cruelty to animals and should be reported.

    Acupuncture doesn’t work for humans any better than sham acupuncture or placebo, so why would anyone think that it would do anything for a turtle?

    Have you told whatever regulatory body controls what you do that you are sticking pins in your animals?

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