CP Cerebral Palsy Acupuncture Treatment Research. www.thetole.org

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CP Cerebral Palsy Acupuncture Treatment Research www.thetole.org


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  1. drbob85 says:

    There is another good video of someone with Cerebral Palsy by Dr. Bob Segalman on Youtube and the title is “Telephone access for AAC users”.

  2. memoriesskillme says:

    how is the little girl doing now?

  3. thetole says:

    thetole’s neuro acupuncture and thetole’s brain powder works for many kids, you can try

  4. mharaprance says:

    what is the best and effective way of treatment in mild c.p.?? the only problem is my cousin walks on tip toe hes 7 yrs old now.

  5. thetole says:

    Thetole’s neuro acupuncture works on all neuro problems and we do get good result for many of them, pls visit our site at thetole

  6. therapies4kids says:

    Oxygen therapy and intensive therapy can help too. Some of the Kids we treat do Acupuncture. We must try it all.

  7. thetole says:

    pls do that but we have been treating CP kids with very good result Daily in our centre, U r invided to come n see for ur self. Thetole

  8. HavensAcupuncture says:

    This is great, I have been one of the few people that I know who are actually needling scalp and getting GREAT results with pediatric patient- Thanks for the encouragement

  9. omegaeyez says:

    correct me if i’m wrong but doesen’t cerebral palsy affect the part of the brain that controls mussle and motor function? If acupucture can help people with c.p. I would concider that to be a modern miracle,God bless!

  10. SeaverBFriend says:

    BS. She needs a gait triner.

  11. thetole says:

    Please read more in Thetole neuo acupuncture

  12. thetole says:

    If you find out how “thetole’s neuro acupuncture “works then you will understand more.

  13. ginsengchris says:

    I dont know

  14. ginsengchris says:

    I would like to stress to everyone that cp is damage of the brain and not the meridians which are the chanals for the flow of qi in the body.

  15. ginsengchris says:

    I would like to stress to everyone that cp is damage of the brain and not the meridians which are the chanals for the flow of qi in the body.

  16. thetole says:

    she gets all she needs here with the treatment

  17. SeaverBFriend says:

    Poor baby. She’s tired and she needs a gait trainer.

  18. thetole says:

    Hi the cost is very affortable, and you can come in for the intensive treatment for 1 to 6 months and our address in

    Suite 4.08- 4.10, 4th Floor,
    Medical Specialist Floor,
    Menara Promet,
    Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel No : 603-21418370 / 603-21451671
    Fax No : 603-27326887
    UK-Free Skype Telephone Number: (+44)020-88168728

  19. civega says:

    I’d like it that but we live very far from your country. How much cost the treatment, how long is ? Do you know some especialists in ARgentine or specialy in Buenos Aires ?.

  20. thetole says:

    You can come to our centre for a few months for intensive treatment and get well, our phone is 603-21418370

  21. civega says:

    I’m from teh south of argentine, my son Santino of 2 years old gor cerebral palsy & west sindrome. i’m very happy to see a little girl walking with cerebral palsy. Sorryless, here, in Rio Gallegos city ( argentine )we don’t got accupuntures. What can i do to help my baby.

  22. thetole says:

    You can see more at our site of :thetole

  23. catherinespark says:

    You wanna give her a hug!

  24. Nickonya says:

    Aww… it looked like she was getting discouraged, but she was just waiting for her friend. The rehab is very tough… especially for one so young. I hope the doctor is right, and by the end of the six months, she’ll be able to walk without assistance.

  25. Nickonya says:

    What Website it that? I’m really interested in this website you speak of. (I’m a DSW Student, and plan to get a job at a rehab center when I graduate)

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