Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Traditional Chinese

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Nearly half the US populations turns to complementary, alternative and integrative practices to maintain or improve their health. Beverly Burns of UCSF’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine explores traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, meridians and chi. Series: “UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public” [12/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13073]


25 Responses to “Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Traditional Chinese”
  1. clickswitchh says:

    God bless powerpoint

  2. flowewritharoma says:

    great medicine.

  3. idahodeerhunter says:

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    Gold bless

  4. sirdynehhmite says:

    St. John’s Wort Commercial: /watch?v=VoD7EAs1rA8

  5. unleashhealth says:

    Hello, I would just like to let anyone who is interested in using electricity to heal I would like to invite you to learn about the Bob Beck Protocol and Blood Electrification Therapy.

  6. smiletogreet says:

    TCM is not your side favorite dishes Please respect TCM if you are really involed or studied deeply ! Every Road to Roma !

  7. smiletogreet says:

    TCM very good for all chinese help them defeating diseases for thousands years
    western medicine also good and more precisely and accurate but most chinese prefer to use TCM first other than use pharmist’s drugs ! westerners better use pharmist’s medication !

  8. MrTroyCasey says:

    @Crzeimasha vitamins are isolated nutrients that can block receptor sites. most products have fillers and other elements that are not good for the human body. taken often they can build up toxicity.

    use whole food superfoods & tonic herbs.

  9. Crzeimasha says:

    @TOAFN Why are vitamins bad for you? Overdosing duh, but normally too?

  10. hansacupuncture says:

    Good site to acupuncture therapy –

  11. Ogygoptynx says:

    You generalize my comments and you are being evasive about animals that are poached and killed. in the name of chinese medicine. So you say I do not know ”the truth” because i haven’t used rhino horn? or tiger bone or what other animal the human superstition can misuse?
    What do you know about the remaining Rhinos? and Tigers? You talk to me about facts while you don’t even have your facts straight.
    Did the tiger penis tea make you rude or did you have that in you all along?

  12. PardusPanthera100 says:

    Chinese medicine should be made entirely ‘Cruelty-Free’. Otherwise, no go!

  13. PardusPanthera100 says:

    Lyrabob, you haven’t faced the issues re endangered species that are killed for some so-called Chinese medicine. Read the recent news!: Beautfiul, highly endangered species like tigers & rhinoceroses are dying to make so-called medicine in China, & it’s ok? No, it(‘s not! Everything needed to treat illness is found in the PLANT world. No animal needs to die for outdated formulas! It’s unnessary & deadly to animals. I’m not going to see tigers go extinct for some absurd & very deadly tradition!

  14. lyrabob2010 says:

    so in your opinion, that’s the definition of Chinese medicine?
    moronic & narrow ! pls don’t pretend & criticize if you don’t know exactly.
    PS: the people whose mouth is full of nastiness as you really should be extinct.

  15. PardusPanthera100 says:

    Ogygoptynx is right: It’s absolutely MORONIC to kill beautiful, rare animals into extinction for recipes that don’t even work! Any kind of alternative medicine, including for China, works much better when it’s based on PLANT EXTRACTS ONLY! PHTYOTHERAPY is the way to go. Everything we need to be treated exists in the plant world. Get with it! And stop killing endangered animals for their parts. That’s so senseless!! Use your brains!

  16. PardusPanthera100 says:

    Ogygoptynx is right: It’s moronic to kill beautiful, rare animals into extinction for recipes that don’t even work! Any kind of alternative medicine, including for China, works much better when it’s based on plant extracts ONLY! Phytotherapy/ Get with it! And stop killing endangered animals for their parts. So senseless!

  17. Ogygoptynx says:


    So tell me this then, did you eat rhino horn powder and tiger bones?
    And is that why you have become so nasty? or were you born with a face like you have been swimming in vinager for 9 months?

  18. lyrabob2010 says:

    If you never tried it, you’ll never know the truth, so pls shut up.

  19. Ogygoptynx says:

    It is moronic to eat animals into extinction in the name of medicine!

  20. nand3kudasai says:

    @TOAFN that’s not only alternative medicine
    google -> “bayer Aids blood”

  21. TOAFN says:

    I was being sarkastic dude.
    Read what i said.
    Associated Press declares war on alternative medicine

  22. AspiringPotato says:


    Vitamins are bad for you? Yeah, that’s why I take cyanide pills instead. You should try that some time.

  23. WyldOrbit says:

    @11thsockpuppet The argument is; This man was an international fugitive. Im not saying i believe the claim just because the government says so. Before i draw any conclusions i just want to know more about the whole story, hear both sides, etc.

    If you have any more information, perhaps a link or two that would be great.

  24. 11thsockpuppet says:

    @WyldOrbit What empirical evidence? You believe in traditional chinese medicine, for pete’s sake!

  25. WyldOrbit says:

    @11thsockpuppet Well, I dont want to be biased or foolish. Before i come to any conclusions i need some empirical evidence… Nice talking to you.

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