Be taller Acupuncture treatment.

healersupreme asked:

Becoming taller is easy with Acupuncture method of my Guru Prof Dr Anton Jayasuriya.


10 Responses to “Be taller Acupuncture treatment.”
  1. girija93 says:

    plz folks dont believe him

  2. girija93 says:

    dis is absolute bluffing… dat doc can increase a 70 yr olds height but cannot guarantee a 20yr olds height increase… n charging Rs.15000 for d session…

  3. unknowndude132 says:

    i went here and got nothing. i will give a full description message me.

  4. healersupreme says:

    @OhNoThanks Thank you for your comment. kindly see my new uploads to learn about more powerful treatment.

  5. healersupreme says:

    @abhishekkashyap27 please see latest video.

  6. healersupreme says:

    @OhNoThanks Thanks for comment. Height increase treatment is gaining popularity and better results.

  7. OhNoThanks says:

    Wow good treatment

  8. OhNoThanks says:

    Wow, good treat

  9. abhishekkashyap27 says:

    This is fuckin’ impossible!!!!

  10. healersupreme says:

    I shall be away on teaching tour to Australia and New Zealand from 20th April to 20th May. The fee will be increased after May 2011.

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