Acupuncture treatment

joeubrown asked:

Joe Brown receives a very old Chinese treatment called Acupuncture to see whether or not it works.


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  1. sevendiamantes says:

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  2. gripmyhips says:

    And I’m glad to hear that it’s relieving your pain, btw. (Greart? Smooth me. LOL)

  3. gripmyhips says:

    It was such a greart idea to record the experience and it’s fascinating how fast the treatments work. 🙂

  4. LazarusEinstein says:

    Cool video bro.

  5. Emil246 says:

    i was expecting you to fall and get accupunctured.

  6. Piyyutim says:

    Very cool. Also ~ “Diagnosis of the tongue is one of the most important diagnostic methods in Chinese medicine.”

  7. Si11yShaman says:

    I have always wanted to try this,I want this done on all my main chakra points and i want it done by a 90 year old asian guy 😉 I know he would be so good at hitting just the right spots.I think this would be an out of this world experience if done by a seasoned professional who knows how energy works.

  8. 23mrcowboys says:

    i may need to try this

  9. MrCleanerNash says:

    I need to try that dude. Pretty sweet documentary of the whole experience.

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