Acupuncture treatment for The Wrist

jasoncscs asked:

Tsao Lin Moy is some kind of genius accupuncturist and here is my last treatment with her. Stay tuned for the electric shock treatment!


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  1. tropdars says:

    You typically don’t bleed.

  2. michaelnintendofan says:

    oh ok thanks 🙂

  3. jasoncscs says:

    It is the bandage covering the external fixator pinned to my fractured radius.

  4. michaelnintendofan says:

    0:12 wTF IS ON HIS/HER’S ARM!?

  5. xray538 says:

    It seems like a form of bloodletting doesn’t it?

  6. uppi420 says:

    isn’t accupuncture bloodletting?

  7. SkanRashke says:

    Fingers and toes are the utmost extremities, and if blood flow slows the pinky is usually the first thing to start getting numb. Then the ring, middle, index and thumb in that order. But if there’s impairement of the circulation in any way, the first symptoms are typically found in the extremities furthest from the body(Requiring the most psi of pressure to traverse further).
    Probobly high blood pressure, artery plaque buildup or a weak heart.

  8. badjackbrowning5 says:

    What caused the numbness in the first place?

  9. Tracy137 says:

    I tried magnesium, sadly I had a bad allergic reaction to it so they’ve told me to stop taking them – its a shame because, although they didn’t help my migraines they really helped with a pain I had in my left shoulder.

    But thank you for taking the time to let me know, I do genuinely appreciate it.

  10. Workaholic313 says:

    I used to have horrific migraines and then tried taking a magnesium supplement. I also suffered from leg cramps too. After a week I didn’t wake up with leg cramps and after three weeks I didn’t have any more migraines. My aunt’s doctor told her that some migraines are due to a magnesium deficiency. It’s worked for me.

  11. spirtfoxfox says:

    dam that cool

  12. affectivity says:

    I knew Tsao 10 years ago when I was a student. I also went to her for shiatsu or Swedish when my budget allowed. You won’t meet anyone who is as good as she is. She was amazingly talented 10 years ago; she must be ultra-amazing by now. And you won’t meet a nicer, kinder person.
    And acupuncture doesn’t hurt. The needles are so slender it’s like having a mosquito bite you. But go see Tsao-lin if you can. I moved away so I can’t. But I totally recommend her.

  13. jasoncscs says:

    TSao practices in NYC google her name and it will come up. She is amazing.

  14. 2moonsgirl says:

    what city and state do you practice? Looking for a practitioner, like your energy. . Ivy

  15. LoricaLady says:

    Good Heavens lady, what are you doing extracting blood without gloves on!! Otherwise this was a very enlightening vid. Thanks.

  16. 8380364 says:

    oh boy, i couldn’t do that. too afraid of needles in me.

  17. jasoncscs says:

    Yes and no. More like it feel really weird. I recommend it.

  18. Kerrigan1482 says:

    does it hurt?

  19. jasoncscs says:

    Yeah you bet. I think the important thing is to be your own investigator, and don’t let up until you feel right. Best…

  20. Tracy137 says:

    I will definitely look into it further – thank you so much for the advice, I genuinely appreciate it; it’s nice to think there may be a way that doesn’t involve another load of tablets (well pharmaceutical ones anyway – sometimes the side effects are worse than the illness). :O)

  21. jasoncscs says:

    I would definitely look into Acupuncture. here’s the thing practices vary greatly…just like doctors there are good ones and bad ones. And I bet that Acupuncture may not be the panacea you are seeking but it night fit very well into a more holistic approach.

  22. Tracy137 says:

    Hi! Thanks for posting this, she seems incredibly knowledgable even by most acupuncturists standards. I’m sorry to bother you but do you know if it works for migraines? I have such severe ones that the hospital think I had a stroke with the last one and I’m beginning to worry about them now. I’ve had since I was 15 and would love to find a way to deal with them that didn’t mean I had to swallow handfuls of pills, I do that enough with my other ailments. THANKS! :O)

  23. spookyboo1 says:

    Wow she was wise.

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