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GoldenMonkeyHealing asked:

Performed by Matt Schwartz from Golden Monkey Healing in Sherman Oaks, California. Here is a basic acupuncture treatment for back pain. i will be showing a few different needling techniques in order to minimize pain.


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  1. robertjulius18 says:

    @doobiesmoke15 It feels like a very quick and subtle sharp touch. Its great I love it. One can really chill out.

  2. Terra1311 says:

    im very sure u dont have to rub the needles just leave them in.

  3. doobiesmoke15 says:

    What does it feel like?

  4. Sakeisto says:


    It ranges, depending on where the needles go and from person to person I think. For some of them I hardly feel them at all, some are a tiny prick, some feel like a twinge of pain and then some hurt. But it’s only for a second, then you can’t feel them at all and it’s very relaxing. Generally the ones that hurt the most for me was one in my right foot, at the bottom of my big toe, and two in my head, just above my hairline.

  5. YSSxSorna says:

    Is it painful to get done? I really want to try it to see if it would help my back at all for my birthday, and im trying to find a good place near where i live in Moreno Valley.

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