Acupuncture Treatment – Banned Commercials

DJJuanPwede asked:

Watch and Enjoy!


22 Responses to “Acupuncture Treatment – Banned Commercials”
  1. kaoko2000 says:


  2. xXxXxXsilencioXxXxX says:

    its a wat would jesus do moment

  3. richbuzz2000 says:

    @doggyboyboy . that’s teochew. totally agree w u that he speaks well 🙂

  4. doggyboyboy says:

    He was speaking hokkien wei!

  5. adrielle088 says:

    This was adapted to final destination 5. haha LOL

  6. friattmoooo says:

    If I were him, I’d throw the needles away from my stoumache, then buck into the air lol

  7. jacobxtothez says:

    lmao, final destination stole this idea

  8. BillieJolene1 says:

    BILLIE JOLENE is a chain smoking, thunderbird wine drinking, hot mess diva on the look out for a man. Just type in billiejolene1
    (it also features her pill popping friend Bobby Ray who’s also on the lookout for a man as well).

  9. ilikefreewholeless says:

    this is like every nightmare i have..bad things happen i have to run but i cant run fast enough

  10. Mindroach says:

    banned for what reasons?

  11. lawietluverxoxo says:

    stairs. ;DD

  12. FinalStudioX says:

    Firemen: “JUMP!!!!”
    Dude: “WAIT!! frick. Give me a minute.. Gotta pull out a bunch of needles that the other guy didn’t take out before jumping.”

  13. YaraLovesTheMusic says:

    im from holland and they showed it here

  14. xZibeGx says:

    @SwiftCuber U cannot die if u pull them off.

  15. yeronimo7 says:

    This commercial is not banned, it has been on Dutch television

  16. MarktgInnovation2Day says:

    Cool video thanks – have favourited on our channel here – we favourite the best brand videos on youtube. Cheers

  17. SwiftCuber says:

    @hazard2000 You can’t do that. In acupuncture, you must pull them in an accordingly sequence. If you pull it randomly, it could cause you your life haha. (True, acupuncturists can kill since they know the right nodes for killing).

  18. Jordon590 says:

    I bet he’s thinking “Well this isn’t going to end good…”

  19. 92Shinigami92 says:

    By “banned” I believe they mean banned in America.

  20. Bunny5O1 says:

    @MisterTimeWarper why does the title says banned commercial O_o?

  21. MisterTimeWarper says:

    @Bunny5O1 It isn’t, I have seen it on TV in Holland

  22. jesus287048 says:

    stop, drop, and roll

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