Jessica Simpson gets Acupuncture Massage

outofsightmedia asked:

January 19, 2007: West Hollywood: Jessica Simpson goes to Hahm’s Healing Hands Acupuncture Massage in West Hollywood, CA. Photos by Henry Flores/Buzz Foto LLC Buzz Foto LLC & http


10 Responses to “Jessica Simpson gets Acupuncture Massage”
  1. AlienInsect says:

    you are the paparatzo extraordinary loves it ;]

  2. SmokeyObsession says:

    i would hate that lifestyle, i would love the money tho..
    poor celebs, the flashing and people would be horrible to handle

  3. lukefawcett says:

    im digging this video! my names Jenna, kinda feelin bored if any1 wants to join me on cam or wana chat i will be signed on at __ PLAY-CAM…dot…COM __ my user ID there is Jenna_xeqmyxnpzm chat soon xx its FR33 to j0in! mwah

  4. 2BA10ne4Evr says:

    they can stand on a public sidewalk im sick of stuck up celebs bitches they think they are all that its $ turns ppl into losers if they r not already I cant stand jessica she is so ugly-a lot of ppl think so

  5. jess38288 says:

    Whack, I got my license from that school.

  6. XxxxxCluelessxxxxX says:

    they just take what they need, and go and leave her! 🙁

  7. joshuah2003 says:

    srf32568, unfortunately this is their life. The paparazzi gets paid for their pictures, although Jessica getting a massage wouldn’t be worth that much.

  8. srf32568 says:

    my god, these “photographers” need to get a life. She’s going to get a massage…whoopie!!

  9. churlch says:

    nothing better to do????

  10. jess1cayami says:

    poor jess!
    those guys are so annoying!

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