All in One Acupuncture Chanel 6 News ( Part 1)


“Miracle for the brain”


8 Responses to “All in One Acupuncture Chanel 6 News ( Part 1)”
  1. IMnotSAS says:


    for improving sex try the chinese deer excercise, contract anal muscle as hard as possible and hold for a few minutes every day.

  2. IMnotSAS says:


    i can actually feel the chi flow when i pracatice tai chi, but you have to practice the martial version which teaches you how to kill by blocking the chi in another person and how to heal him if he is dead by jump starting his system.

  3. acutope526 says:

    From a practitioner’s point of view, I want to make a few things clear… There is nothing hocus-pocus about this healing art. Acupuncturists go through 4 years of Oriental Medical School to get their degree; there are definitive diagnostic techniques they use, and treatment is based on their diagnosis. Acupuncture needling is less than 50% of oriental medicine. Herbal therapy is much more powerful, and together with acupuncture, they comprise a complete medical system.

  4. newmanwong says:

    it’s really works for me, I massage my self on the head following the instruction from a chinese video , and my headache gong in 5mins, and I try it on my 20 months daughter when I bath her(she suffering running nose for months),after 30mins (massage 5 mins only)then miracle happens again, she regain health smile, playing around. no running nose currently, I will try again tomorrow, man, I want to learn how to treat my lung, and improve sex…..

  5. apricotjelly77 says:

    You can probably find an acupuncturist in your phone book or online.

  6. robertlowryjr says:

    It’s funny when people say acupuncture is placebo. Peoples faith in finding a cure diminish as they go from their family MD, from specialist to specialist, to internet and folk and anecdotal cures. By the time Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners see someone, those people are “faithed out”. Look up what the nocebo effect is…if you think something won’t work it makes it so it won’t or at least diminish its effects.

  7. ginnybba says:

    where can I get this helpe I suffer from pain on left shoulder next to neck right elbow right knee half of my body the right side.

  8. kawardurga says:

    Unbelievel how Acupuncture is impressed.
    Great stuff.

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