TTC Update #6, Congratulations, Acupuncture

Chez2k3 asked:

TTC Update and plans for acupuncture. Congratulations to LeannaMae29 and Britney (Cre8tive2noend) on your BFP’s.


4 Responses to “TTC Update #6, Congratulations, Acupuncture”
  1. taetwa says:

    I just found you through the babybound. And I cant wait to follow your journey

  2. TheBabybound says:

    I like your hair 🙂 It is WAY past time for my color touch up, I’m getting so gray. Best of luck on your appointment.

  3. Chez2k3 says:

    @LeAnnaMae29 Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Take care x

  4. LeAnnaMae29 says:

    Awww, thank you!! we appreciate that so much! Your hair looks really cute! I’m sure you are excited about your appt! You never know! Miracles happen:) Yes! Acupuncture helps SO many people get pregnant! YAY for 5lb loss! Thats great! Yay for a new car! Have a great day! ((hugs))

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