4 Responses to “infertility acupuncture”
  1. lolali101 says:

    Dr Yaron Seidman, you can google his information, he is in Connecticut but has long distance programs.

  2. SuperMz20 says:

    where is this dr at i live in miami

  3. pregnancymiracles1 says:

    Thanks for uploading and posting this video on Youtube, there is some excellent material here.

  4. JoeSomebody369 says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! I went off the pill and was not getting any periods. I am 29 years old. After 1 month on acupuncture I had my first sign of ovulation (test strip). It may take some time to get pregnant but at least my body is heading in the right direction. I strongly encourage woman to seek a more natural approach to fertility issues before jumping the gun to Clomid.

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