Fertility Acupuncture: Shasta Tierra

wayofwellness asked:

Shasta Tierra, L.Ac. performing acupuncture for fertility on a patients abdomen. The Way Of Wellness Center specializes in Fertility, Women’s Health, Pain Management as well as other health concerns, and is located in San Jose, California. You can visit the website at: www.wayofwellness.net for more info.


10 Responses to “Fertility Acupuncture: Shasta Tierra”
  1. gillymcilroy says:

    why the hurry Tim?

  2. Alaya7 says:

    a luva descartável é importante caso haja contato com sangue, em algumas técnicas chinesas em que há sangue é importante usar as luvas, e ao retirar as agulhas sempre ter um algodão em mãos, porém a luva atrapalha o acupunturista em achar os pontos, pois o tato é muito importante, e as agulhas sao simples e faceis de colocar, nao há necessidade.

  3. Alaya7 says:

    it doensn’t hurt, speccially this point on the belly, you can barely feel the needle

  4. bayamonrican says:

    it kinda look like it might hurt the way she kinda slapped the needle… I was wanting to do the acupuncture for fertility but I was curious if its painful… Can anyone give advice on it and honestly tell me if it hurts

  5. 1888junkteam says:

    excellent work!

  6. blade0817 says:

    Also it would have been nice if we would have seen/hear some explanation along with it. I am only a student and curious who is doing what and why? Thank you!

  7. blade0817 says:

    I noticed that too … hmmmm. Maybe she ordered the wrong needles – like once they did at our school. 🙂

  8. DoctorTim says:

    This procedure takes about twice as long opening needles one at a time like that. Pulling back the casing on a 5 strip is much faster, and if placed on a clean field is also safe. Seems like you are otherwise very time efficient. Any particular reason for your technique Shasta?

  9. julisoliver says:

    esse é o terceiro video de acunputura que eu vejo e em nenhum dos três é usado luva descatável, por quê?

  10. hempev says:

    Hey, my acupuncturist uses those Japanese needles, too! She’s getting her doctorate at Five Branches Institute, also in San Jose.

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