Japanese Acupuncture – Spontaneous Relief From Lower Back Pain

worldacupuncture asked:

www.worldacupuncture.com Judicious Traditional Acupuncture provides Chris with spontaneous and lasting relief from severe lower back pain. A real blessing since he is a builder by trade!


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  1. worldacupuncture says:

    Hey Giann,
    Piercings are definitely not recommended from an Oriental Medical perspective.
    Bottom line it is your choice and you won’t die from them, they will however effect the movement of energy in your body.
    If you are super keen, go for it and enjoy but remember there may be deleterious consequences in the long term.
    All the Best,

  2. gianniswildchild says:

    Please help me,i love labret piercings and im going to have one as soon as posible(lower lip in the middle).They’ve told me not to because is an acupuncture point.Will the bar affect my teeth in any way?(I’ve also found that labret is responsible for tooth aches).They’ve also told me that i will have problems with my saliva.I’ve contacted with some of the best piercers in my country and they told me that it wasn’t a problem.Help me.

  3. fatalframegirl247 says:

    looks like he got the love bite too

  4. worldacupuncture says:

    No problems with needle phobia, in most cases we can use moxibustion instead to assist with this type of problem. Moxibustion is a way of getting heat into the area therefore increasing blood circulation and promoting healing. It is completely painless and there is no skin penetration.
    Hope that helps, please let me know if you would like more info.
    All the best, Alan

  5. furholden says:

    Hello Alan. I am 20 this year and i have been suffering from lower back pain for about a year and a half now. I was wondering if it was possible for someone my age to get an acupuncture done.

    One problem i have is that, i am afraid of needles and pain.


  6. worldacupuncture says:

    The Acupuncture being administered in this video is aimed at increasing the amount of qi circulating in the deficient meridians (the root treatment) and then shunting the stagnant qi (back treatment).

  7. Igaluit says:

    Yes, I figured as much; was just joking, but must be really outback. Would it be fair to say that the Japanese approach is to unblock the circulation in the meridians as a means to health, first and foremost, above considerations of whether a patient is too weak to undergo such treatment (etc)-according to TCM theory, anyway. Not a trick question.

  8. supremerat says:

    No, the Australian bush.

  9. Igaluit says:

    Sounds like this treatment is taking place in a jungle.

  10. Hotora86 says:

    Fortunately or not, I’m being treated by a real Chinese expert. But it hurts like hell and there’s no improvement as of yet. 🙁

  11. worldacupuncture says:

    Bleeding is a technique used primarily in TCM acupuncture in china, however it is not so common in western societies due to hygiene requirements. The techniques used in this video are from Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, they are pain free, blood free and achieve fantastic clinical outcomes with the least amount of patient discomfort (in fact, they actually feel good) 🙂

  12. Hotora86 says:

    is bleeding a normal thing?

  13. muzicdejay says:

    I had acupunture a few yrs ago to treat really bad panic attacks i was getting. After trying evry other treatment with no luck Acupuncture was the only thing that worked for me! I’d HIGHLY Recomend this treatment, i felt amazing after only a few weeks.

  14. karismapenang says:

    The perpendicular needling is to avoid chest puncture. there is nothing wrong with them. We use “cun” as measurement as to who deep the needle should go in and in which angle/the direction may differ. Yes, acupunture is suitable for children as well. We had good success with Celebral palsy children.

  15. khautbois says:

    What is up with his needling angle. Is that an aussi thing? Weird. Yes you can get acupuncture when your are 13-14.

  16. worldacupuncture says:

    Acupuncture can be an extremely effective treatment for lower back pain regardless of age.
    Much depends on the skill of the practitioner and origin of the pain.
    Hope all goes well,

  17. bbgurl60 says:

    can u get acupuncture when ur only 13-14 yrs old?? i have lots of lower back pain

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