25 Responses to “Cupping Therapy For Lower Back Pain”
  1. straken9k1 says:

    @lembali no it doesnt

  2. Viracocha711 says:

    @beats1969 REALLY?? Grow up!

  3. beats1969 says:

    @Viracocha711 why don’t you try it !? speaking only for MYSELF and SOMEONE who has “ACTUALLY TRIED IT ! I noticed a big improvement .
    but , if YOU have to make ” MOMMY AND DADDY ” proud of you , after paying $60,000 , plus food , room and board for a YEAR in med. school to impress the jones’ . so be it !
    do you feel good putting people down !? you are way to angry , even for me !or are you ashamed that ” MOM AND POP” are taking away your trust fund money !? TROLL .

  4. roma168 says:

    It is useful and helpful for me to get rid of lumbago.
    Try it , you will trust it…

  5. Arquive says:

    I got this therapy today. Now I have 8 beautiful purple circles on my back. xD I loved it even though it hurt as hell. Hahaha!

  6. lazydogmic says:

    Press 7 for instant action.

  7. WingThaiJ says:

    I have to ask, Do you take your self seriously or are you trying to appeal to the stupid masses who believe anything? Just put a hot pack on his back, LOL. Do you think this will reduce a disc bulge? You just broke capillaries; your treatment is superficial, the causes of low back pain are DEEP into the spine. Just laying on your stomach can help some forms of back pain because the back is in extension or it can worsen it depending upon what’s causing the LBP.

  8. Myview246 says:

    the person who says hurry up is a dick!

  9. Viracocha711 says:

    @rageagaintstheNWO As I said the 1st time…This is WOO-WOO! Other than someone getting temporary relief from a very minor lower back ache this “cupping” does little in terms of “moving muscles & improving blood flow” LOL! Seriously? Plus, I will be very honest with you…It is almost impossible for someone like me to take someone with your screen name rageagainsttheNWO serious about anything! LOL! Not surprising a NWO believer would buy into crap like “cupping” as something other than WOO-WOO!

  10. rageagaintstheNWO says:

    @Viracocha711 The guy hasn’t been on youtube for 3 years, i don’t think he will answer, but i will. You see, this method moves the muscles, improoves blood flow, just like massage, but more intense. Its not a miracle treatment, can’t heal everything, but i say you better try this before laying down on the operating table.

  11. DrLaurenceHo says:

    Cupping? You may as well candle your ears! Quack Quack Quack! And is it me, or is this guy trying to pretend to be a doctor?

  12. Viracocha711 says:

    @lembali Works for what? Creating giant hickies? At most some may benefit from a “Placebo Effect”…Other than that this is WOO-WOO! And probably very expensive WOO-WOO if folks are paying someone to do it to them.

  13. Viracocha711 says:

    @puddiah11 EXACTLY!! This is WOO-WOO! If it does help some it is nothing more than a Placebo Effect.

  14. jokerb0099 says:

    @lembali does it has been proved by sience?? just to be curious looks cool.

  15. Francescutty says:

    @islandgirl202 You wrote: “In the future our methods of surgery and therapy will be considered barbaric.”
    I agree, I ‘m happy there is someone that thinks this, too.

  16. rageagaintstheNWO says:

    @aarmeti This works even when those modern medicine of yours have failed, this, and acupuncture, and other methods. Everything can’t be fixed with surgery and pills, you must have been living in a cave all this time. The beautiful U.S is going down the toilet, and the reason is not because some 4000 year old Oriental therapy, but your own goverment. Have a nice day.

  17. staM034 says:

    hey mum, my beck is on youtube … 😛

  18. puddiah11 says:

    you pay to get enormous hickies. thats it

  19. tibone613 says:

    @tibone613 chose to practice thos so…according to u, barbaric way.

  20. tibone613 says:

    @aarmeti You could report me or do what ever you please, but your comment is very ill informed, rude and closed minded. You are insulting a rich and deverse culture calling us barbaric and discusting…you should educate yourself before speaking and making assumptions about alternative health/medicine wich has been proven to work for 1000’s of years and continue to work and grow in popularity in the west today. By the way Dr. Oz , Oprah amongst 100’s of other celebs and athletes chose this ba

  21. aarmeti says:

    @tibone613 By the way! I could have blocked you easily! because I respect people as long as I have not seen any insult from them! I don’t want to see any furthur messages from you! and If I see….

  22. aarmeti says:

    @tibone613 and you are a real ignorat, ablivious, insensative, childish person who surfs on the web , insult people without any mental reservation. Listen: If you send me one more message, I will report your account to reponsible individuals of youtube service! I am a mother of 2 children! and I bet I have not faced such a rude person like you before! BYE

  23. tibone613 says:

    @aarmeti Your a real moron

  24. islandgirl202 says:

    You guys are all idiots. In the future our methods of surgery and therapy will be considered barbaric. This isn’t that bad, it doesn’t cause pain. In fact, I just got this done on my back today. So take your ignorance and get outta here.

  25. phalluses says:

    does cupping provide temporal or permanent relive

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