Advanced Bowen Therapy Demonstration

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Demonstration of a Spinal Balance using ABT – Advanced Bowen Therapy @


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  1. MrMegaverse says:

    how relaxing. therapy always works. I usually fo reiki and light axis healing. miracles happen. thanks.

  2. Husam7al8din6 says:

    watching this was so relaxing. i have been suffering with lower back and sciatica for many years. I’m only 28 as well. I’ve tried the things the NHS offer which are painkillers and physiotherapy. Neither fixed the problem, just dealt with the symptoms. Watching this video as tessthef stated was like streams of energy flowing through my body. I noticed on the cervical procedure, the use of an osteopath craniosacral therapy. Is there anyway i can find out about where i can find someone qualified?

  3. DraftMasterJohn says:

    @tessthef Like feelings that your hair is standing up and your skin and muscles are vibrating some??? Me Too!!!

  4. tessthef says:

    Oh my gosh me too! Not only did I really get a relaxation vibe but i also felt streamings-like energy flow in my body, in the places the practionner was working on the patient. Mad!

  5. cariad81 says:

    Please post some more!!

  6. bigleroygym says:

    I LIKE THIS VIDEO :)) relaxing and interesting…and the therapist seems nice

  7. cariad81 says:

    Any other videos like this, it’s very relaxing!

  8. cariad81 says:

    Me too, it’s quiet and calming.

  9. navahoknow says:

    Its weird……..I get completely relaxed just watcing this!

  10. lownlazy says:

    boy, that looks relaxing!

  11. zenobia13 says:

    Marina: having taken your video courses (following 7 Modules of old-fashioned Bowenworks) I was able to understand EXACTLY what you are doing here and it’s so exciting to see! My clients LOVE the intensity and integrity of the moves, and we find the aggressive compilation of moves and techniques to be continually rewarding. THANKS MARINA AND JOHNNY!!

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