Acupuncture Back Pain (

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MST was developed by Dr. Shin, the founder of Jaseng Medical Group. For the last 10 years, Jaseng has been utilizing this unique style of treatment technique to benefit thousands of patients with various musculoskeletal conditions and help to relieve pain. MST increases the effectiveness of treatment by constantly stimulating the acupuncture points and making patients adapt to their condition by moving their body. This technique can be differentiated from conventional acupuncture practice (usually once a patient has had acupuncture needles placed they are asked to stay still) since a patient is encouraged to walk around in repetition or to exercise the muscles where the needles have been placed. In many techniques, practitioners may ask patients to move body parts in which the needles are not inserted. Instead, MST requires patients to move their body parts with the needles placed. This therapy is typically used on patients who are in severe pain or has a limited range of motion. Through clinical research along with Harvard Medical School Osher Institute, this technique has been proven to be effective in treating acute musculoskeletal conditions. This technique also encourages the function of blood vessels by stimulating the blood stream and Qi.

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