The Art of Needles

The Art of Needles:
Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine

If you are like most, you may not see the pleasure in being treated with needles poking into your skin. However, to those in Chinese medicine, and to several who have discovered alternatives with holistic healing, this is the perfect remedy.  The idea of acupuncture in Chinese medicine is important to help with healing the energy flow in someone.

Acupuncture is based off of the idea that there are certain points in the body that can help one to heal.  When these points in the body receive extra pressure through a device, they will be able to assist with the healing.  In the practice of Acupuncture, needles will be used as the major transports to reconnect the energy flow in the body.

The use of acupuncture begins by studying the various areas that the flows of energy are.  These are known as meridians or channels in the body.  The body has twelve major channels where energy will flow and cycle.  The places where these channels connect are usually where energy can become blocked off.  By using acupuncture, the connecting areas for the channels are examined and unblocked by pressuring the specific points.

Once one has found the connections for the acupuncture, then it is important to find the effects that all of these connections have.  Each different point will have elements that are linked directly to what the body needs in order to stay balanced.  These are specifically linked to the five elements that are considered to be the basis for the laws of the universe.

By finding the various channels and connections in the body, acupuncture specialists are able to find which areas of Qi are not flowing properly.  This allows them to effect the way that the body flows in order to help restore and revitalize the energy levels in the body.  By getting one into a better flow of their energy, they can achieve complete health.

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