Finding Alternative Solutions through Meridian Systems

Pointing To Your Health:
Finding Alternative Solutions through Meridian Systems

One of the important concepts in Chinese medicine is that every part of the body is linked to another part of the body.  Together, these work as an entire system that either functions with a natural flow, or stops in its functioning because it is blocked.  If you want to be sure that you are functioning in complete health, you will want to begin to examine the meridian systems.

The meridian systems are used in most Chinese medicine as points that will help to heal.  They are most often used in acupuncture and massage that is practiced through professional practitioners of Chinese medicine.  These particular points, when measured scientifically, are known to be like pressure points that affect other parts of the human system.

The meridian systems are divided into two categories.  One of these will be on the arms and the other will be on the legs.  By pressurizing these specific points, or massaging them, it will affect internal organs, physical illness, and the flow of energy.  The different meridians are also divided into Yin and Yang systems, all that can be affected by positive and negative flows of energy.

The division of the different meridian systems in the arms and legs allows acupuncturists to directly link places in the body that are external with internal organs.  For example, an acupuncturist who sees that you have heart trouble will find a Yin meridian on the arm that is directly linked to the heart and pressurize it in order to begin the flow of energy.

By following the Chinese meridian model, one can begin to see the relationship between the internal organs and the external structure of the body.  Through the meridian systems, one can determine how the flow of energy needs to be changed and can find ways in which the body is affected through the various organs.  This is one of the effective ways to use Chinese medicine for better health.

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