The Principle of Yin and Yang for Medicine

Tuning Into Opposites for Health:
The Principle of Yin and Yang for Medicine

Chinese medicine is not only a way of science that incorporates the discoveries made for holistic health.  It also incorporates philosophies that are important for one to be able to stay in the best health.  Along with these philosophies are practical principles that are applied with Chinese medicine in order for holistic health to be achieved.

The idea of Yin and Yang is one of the many principles that are at the root of Chinese medicine and it’s functioning.  This particular method was applied through Taoism, one of the religious practices in the Orient.  From this philosophy, the Chinese discovered that the laws of the universe could be applied to each individual in order to gain optimum health.

The idea of Yin and Yang incorporates five major ideas that are then used in order to help one gain the best of health.  The first of these is opposition.  This means that everything and everyone has two polar opposites.  When one is balanced, both of these are controlling each other.  This opposition is essential to one being able to exist in the universe.

Not only is this opposition essential for existence, but it is also what allows one to be healthy.  By balancing out these two opposites, one is able to nourish them as well as grow into new understanding and balance.  However, even if these are not balanced, there is still a little of one side into the other making the idea of Yin and Yang interchangeable.

When one applies these particular philosophies to health, they can find that they are able to use the principles to help with health.  With each side of your body is another side that is the polar opposite.  A good example is your abdomen, which needs your back in order to remain balanced.  By focusing on both sides, you will be able to gain balance, energy and a holistic approach to your life.

The idea of Chinese medicine is one that doesn’t just record symptoms through a scientific perspective.  It takes into account the dark and light sides of everyone.  By learning how to apply the principles of Yin and Yang to every part of your health, there is the ability to learn to exist with a new balance.

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