Best Apps for acupunture

Are you a huge fan of acupunture? If so, both if you would like to try it or just to obtain informations, smartphones come in your help. Let’s have a look at the most interesting apps downloadable for Google Android and for Apple iOS. On websites like FreApp and AppAdvice you can find lots of lists and suggestions. Anyway, here’s some spotlights:

Easy Acupunture 3D shows most known acupunture points and meridians, both in 3D and in 2D images. 3D images help users to better understand best acupunture points all around the body. By tapping on a single point is possible to obtain informations about it, such as the name and a quick guide. Easy Acupunture 3D is available for Android (both in free version and in paid one, in that case the cost is 7,08 euro for the med version and 17,79 euros for the full one) and for iOS (both in free version and in paid one, in that case the cost is 8,99 euros for the med version and 15,99 euros for the full one).

Quite interesting is “Guide to Acupunture 2013”, a free app where is possible to have all the informations needed about acupunture. On that app users can know more about acupunture and autism, acupunture to lose weight, acupunture to treat migraines and to stop smoking, and much more. Avaiable for free on the Google Play.

If you already know something about acupunture and are ready to test your knowledge, then Acupoints Location Quiz, available at $ 9.99 in App Store, is the right app for you. It allow you to answer about all 361 traditional points and about a custom selection of points. For each question, 4 possible answers are given.

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